jean_bee (jean_bee) wrote,

My favorite things: Owls

Some people call them creepy or scary, but I think they are one of the most beautiful birds to grace the planet. The great horned owl is most common in my area. I have had the fortune to see this creature twice.

The first encounter: Every October, without fail a great horned comes and calls my backyard home and at dusk the hoot fest would begin. *WEIRDO ALERT DON"T JUDGE ME* So one evening, I decided to...I don't my bedroom window and hoot at the owl to see if it would hoot back. Stop laughing! You know what? It did. After a few mins. of back and fourth, the owl flew out of the woods and perched on top of a tree diagonal of my room. That owl. setting on top of the trees and bathed in the light of the sunset, goregeous.

Second: I was walking home one evening and an great horned owl swooped down and sat about three feet in front of me. I froze. I was both frightened and fascinated. While it was exciting to see this owl up close, I still had a healthy fear of what it could possibly do. Luckily, it hooted at me twice and took off into the night.

Oh, and every October,I still hoot at the owls in my backyard.
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